Video and Audio links to my work

The 2023 digital release of the remastered solo LP, TERRAIN, on Yatak Records.
A gorgeous sounding re-master by composer/producer Ali Askin

David Moss & Tempo Reale: a tale of voice, electronics & Luciano Berio

As soloist in Ensembles/orchestras:

with the Berlin Philharmonic; in Heiner Goebbels’ Surrogate Cities

As Mr. Eddy in the English National Opera production of Olga Neuwirth’s Lost Highway

As Prince Orlovsky in Die Fledermaus at the Salzburg Festival

from Daniele Lombardi’s orchestra and light work,

Solo Performances:

7 solos — from 250 Remember Beethoven, a movie by Joachim Schloemer

Performimg Christian Marclay’s Manga Scroll at the Whitney Museum, NY

“I want the things”; text/direction: Andrea Molino; commissioned by Abbey theater

Wittgenstein Sings

Duos and trios

Many More Voices trio, live at the Venice Biennale

with Tilo Weber – first meeting of our duo, Gong Mountain Galaxy

Denseland: Hum of Sonic

Michael Rodach – Boys, from Fragmentary Blues CD

Duo Monolith Looming; w. Boris Hegenbart, from Misbits LP

Hannes Strobl – Critical Band from At the Beach

Baird Hersey – Monastic View, from their Coesssential LP

Tom Cora – Dog in Law, from Cargo Cult Revival

Arto Lindsay – Possible Fruit, from Moss’ Full House


The Table of Earth; a 1-man music theater piece; produced by Tempo Reale, Florence

as band leader in the Edgar Reitz film, Heimat 3

Stadion Music, sport/performance/orchestra event: David Moss/Fred Pommerehn/Ali Askin

Neukölln Parade, event/music created and led by Moss and the Neukölln Oper, Berlin

Videos by Moss

40 years in 10 minutes

Normal Life – video/voice by Moss; music: Aria, from The Goldberg Variations: J.S. Bach

the things we love – video, text, music by Moss


David Moss Dense Band (complete LP)

from the CD 5 Men SingingNo Drone Rising

Language Linkage, a radiophonic work