The Guardian
September 12, 2019
The best classical music works of the 21st century.
Over the coming week, the Guardian will select the greatest culture since 2000, carefully compiled by critics and editors.
We begin with a countdown of defining classical music compositions, from X-rated opera to high-tech string quartets

13. Olga Neuwirth:  Lost Highway (2003)

David Lynch’s slightly baffling film – in which a jazz musician murders his wife, goes into a psychogenic fugue and becomes another person entirely – was perfectly suited for adaptation by this eccentric Austrian composer, whose genre-straddling work explores notions of identity. An immersive production, staged by the English National Opera at the Young Vic, used film, a chirruping electro-acoustic score and the terrifying, androgynous voice of David Moss to further confuse things. JL
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